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What accounting should be

Evaluating and negotiating an offer

So you really stood out in your interview and now the employer has made you a job offer. The time has come to evaluate the terms and conditions and then negotiate some of them. Here is what you should do:

Take some time to think it over
Most organizations give you some time to think. Ask the employer how much time you have to make your decision.

The salary
Evaluate the salary offered based on your needs. Does it suit your lifestyle? Try to find out if the employer offers performance bonuses, an employee profit sharing plan, etc. These are the components of your compensation that may substantially increase your income.

Other benefits
Ask yourself if the paid vacation time offered meets your needs. Furthermore, find out if the employer offers other leaves, a pension plan, a group insurance plan, etc.

Work schedule and environment
Pay attention to the work schedule. How many hours are included in the normal work week? What is the policy on overtime? If you had an opportunity to meet your supervisor or some of the employees during the interview, visualize what it would be like to work with those people.

Future prospects
Try to determine if the position offered fits with your career plan. Will it allow you to reach your long and short-term objectives? Are there promising opportunities for advancement in the company?

The negotiation
Now it is time to meet the employer again to let him or her know your decision. If you have decided to negotiate your salary, ask for a little more than you really want to receive, but not too much. If you have received another job offer that interests you just as much when you go to the meeting, you may take a chance and ask for a little bit more.

Be clear and concise when you make your counter offer. You have to demonstrate that you really know what you’re worth without exaggerating. Expect a second offer from the employer. It may in fact be closer to your initial target.