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12 reasons to post a job on Espace emploi

  1. Be seen by 39,000 members and 5,000 future CPAs.
  2. Gain access to an exclusive pool of experts in financial and management accounting to fill a wide range of positions.
  3. Choose from the various posting and visibility options to increase the impact on your target clientele, increase awareness and achieve considerable savings.
  4. Thanks to an easy-to-use and effective site, you can create your offer in 4 quick steps and benefit from massive email distribution.
  5. In the first two weeks after posting, your post will be announced in the CPA Plus newsletter, which is sent every other week to subscribing CPAs and future CPAs. As soon as your vacant position has been posted, a job alert will be sent to all those who are interested in that type of offer.
  6. Take advantage of competitive pricing. Post your position for 30 days and increase your chances of finding that rare pearl for less money by extending the posting period by 2 or 4 weeks.
  7. Post your job offer and get a $50 discount on the basic 30-day posting price if you currently employ a CPA or a future CPA who is registered with the Order.
  8. It is free to post a job offer exclusively for future CPAs who are registered with the Order.
  9. It is free to post a director position to find a CPA or future CPA to sit on your board of directors.
  10. Receive applications directly by email, view them on Espace emploi site or receive them on your own website.
  11. Access your account to view the positions that you have posted, review the applications you have received, update your profile and manage your postings and packages.
  12. Rely on the professionalism, credibility and know-how of a professional order.